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Lake Street Bridge House
Exposed Aggregate Vertical Concrete Restoration

Lake Street Bridge & Chicago River, Chicago, IL

City of Chicago, Chicago Department of Transportation

  • Saw-cut and chip/remove existing exposed aggregate delaminated concrete on the face of the historic bridge house

  • Install structural rebar reinforcement to the remaining existing concrete to support the new decorative concrete in place

  • Install formwork at all repair locations complete with burlap liner on the formwork and concrete retarder soaked into the burlap

  • Cast back new decorative concrete to match the existing historic vertical façade of the existing bridge house

  • Strip all forms and remove from the project site

  • Tediously wash away the concrete cream at the surface of the concrete with water to develop the decorative exposed aggregate appearance to match the existing remaining decorative concrete

  • Install a concrete sealer over the new exposed aggregate concrete recently cast

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